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Morning Yoga with Cami

Calling all early birds – we had our first morning yoga session with Cami from Canis today. She taught us how to move our bodies, shift our minds and lengthen and strengthen our bodies through a series of postures. Morning yoga can help you: 1) Focus better on your day ahead 2) Boost your energy…

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Can Where You Live Change Your Life?

The Pearl was recently featured in Time’s special edition magazine this past month. This edition specifically focused on all things wellness, including how where you live can change your life. In the article it highlights The Pearl as a wellness leader in the multifamily residential sector.   "The Pearl offers an abundance of natural space. Just…

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The Guru Next Door

by Sandra Ballentine. Illustrations by Andria Mongia   The truly health-obsessed don’t just want to eat right and get some exercise. They want to live in a new kind of “wellness community.” FACED WITH EVER more transient wellness trends (diets, detoxes, workouts, healers, supplements, superfoods, spas, and sleep apps—oh my!), it’s easy to experience wellness fatigue, or to feel…

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